Pilot Services

Jim Kettles has logged over 10,000 hours of total flight time, primarily in helicopters over the last three decades.  He is an accomplished military and civil flight instructor and is checked out in over twenty model type helicopters and airplanes, most of which are the result of an OEM transition.  His background includes operating helicopters in often critical mission profiles in all types of weather around the United States and Canada.  Free of any accidents or incidents.  Jim’s flying skills include missions such as offshore operations, air medical, law enforcement, television and radio news gathering, corporate operations and cargo operations.  As a former FAR Part 135 line pilot, check airman and director of operations, his commercial air taxi experience is also built on a reputation of safe and consistent aircraft operation.  As a former instructor pilot for a major helicopter airframe manufacturer, Jim can also provide insight into aircraft selection and assessment, new aircraft delivery acceptance and other services that demand an extensive and professional background.


Whether you are looking for guidance in starting a new flight operation, pilot services or pilot assessment and oversight, Portlock Aviation and Jim Kettles can provide expert insight and counsel.  If you require pre-purchase inspection of an airframe or other professional pilot services by someone with an extensive and well rounded background, we can help.